# Introduction

Work in progress

This guide is currently incomplete qnd is expected to be functional until December 2019

Qewig is a single file which is composed of two parts: a backend that runs a webserver that facilitates access and controls access to the virtual devices, and a gui front end that provides access to the backend via an html5 frontend interface.

# How It Works

# Prerequisites

The Qewig software is broken into two main components. The first component is referred to as the “Controller” and the second is the “Handler”. Both of these components can run on the same system or can be separated across multiple systems. You need to have a minimum of one component of each for a functioning system, but you can have more than one handler.

# Mysql or MariaDB

MySQL 5.7

# Open vswitch


# Docker


# kvm

# guacd

# qemu w/kvm

2.11 3.0

# Features